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In inn game you manage your own fantasy inn. Attract different groups to your estabilishment, collect information from them, get rich, try not to get stabbed.


There are 6 different groups in the game that you attract to your inn. The amount of visitors you get from the group is depended on your reputation towards the group. Increasing your reputation will allow you to get regulars from the said group. Group's prefer different type of drinks, if they can have that, your reputation towards them will increase greatly, if you don't, it will decrease lightly. Some groups don't like other groups, some groups can't pay too much for a drink, and some doesn't bother with too cheap drinks. Every 30 days, there is a 5000 + 10% of earned money tax you must pay.

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  • v0.4.7
  • added a goal for demoday 4
  • added a daily report for gold earned, changes in reputation and drinks sold
  • you can now set the price for drinks in your inventory
  • made the rumor log scrollable
  • v0.4
  • you can now see how much do you have to pay for the amount you wish to buy
  • the display on the left in the shop won't change anymore when the buy menu pop up opens
  • staff management added (granny nankie doesn't do anything yet, sorry!)
  • reputation and consumption calculation rewritten, notable changes
  • from now on, groups won't consume their not preferred drinks
  • negative reputation from not prefered drinks is applied regardless if they have preferred drinks or not

Known issues

  • the item's sold text list gets confused regulalry

Install instructions

Just unpack the 7zip anywhere and doubleclick on InnQuest.exe.


innquest_dd4.7z 14 MB

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