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NOTE: Windows 10 defender sometimes flags the exe as malware, this is due to me changing the icon of it apparently, this came up as an issue after 5.2.f. It's a false positive, the game is not a virus.

You are a wizard, who was banished for practicing dark arts. While wandering the land, you find an abandoned village, and decide to take refuge there for a while. However, you'll soon find out that it was abandoned for a reason.



  • WASD - move
  • Shift - slide
  • Left click - single, piercing shot
  • Right click - rapid, weak shots
  • Space - super attack


A short project I made while I was busy with uni. Yes, I know the game over is bugged but I can't figure out why, so it will stay like this.

Published Nov 08, 2016
TagsShort, Twin Stick Shooter


sharp_mind.7z 48 MB

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